Res Extensa

resextensa resextensa2

Res Extensa is a mysterious micro zine founded on the idea of freeing the editor from the duties of content management and the reader from the obligation of purchase. Its production is facilitated as such: The curatorial artist / editor asks a set number of other artists (photographers, writers, poets, illustrators, and so on) to contribute one “piece” (undefined) without consideration of a uniting theme or any need for “approval” by the editor. Each contributor is simply given “specs” to work with so that the content is somewhat expected for binding / printing purposes. In doing so, the editor intrinsically trusts the artist to choose a work the artist feels is their strongest candidate for the project. The editor collates these submissions into a format of their choosing, in most cases an art object which employs their own skills and unique talents. A list of contributors is presented along within the object itself, but the editor is not usually singled out from this list.

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