L.H.O.O.Q. Press

L.H.O.O.Q. Press promises you quality physical interaction with printed materials made by real human beings who are truly skilled at manipulating tools and machinery.


Res Extensa

Res Extensa is a mysterious micro zine founded on the idea of freeing the editor from the duties of content management and the reader from the obligation of purchase. Its production is facilitated as such: The curatorial artist / editor asks a set number of other artists (photographers, writers, poets, illustrators, and so on) to contribute one “piece” (undefined) without… Read more →


The Art of Flatlining

The art of flatlining is a letterpress artists’ book in an edition of 50 by Mirabelle Jones. It chronicles 6 months of the artists’ life in a meticulously plotted letterpress printed line (made from self-cut leads) with gaps for the peaks and valleys of major emotional breaks in the form of an imaginative EKG. A select few books come with… Read more →